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Is it possible for me to use this circuit as a replacement for an old ignition circuit from an old chainsaw 2 stroke engine? The legality of that would vary in different countries, but in most it would be considered as fair use as it is only for reference and not to be posted on the website. Posted July 12, Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve heard of people using a chevy ignition module and you can run them with the same step motor design I use but they can only handle 12 volts. T2 represents two power transistors connected in parallel and mounted on a heatsink.

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The range of frequencies you can adjust the circuit over is still determined by your capacitor. Is there any alternative to using a timer to create the signal? I recently aquired a 17kv, 45 milliamp Oil burner ignition coil. Arcs should also be larger than a single coil.

If all metal parts are insulated and the coil is running at high frequency, then there is little danger from touching the glass. A continuous output of W should be enough, but if it is just short pulses only then it would not do.

One is very hot and some are cold or warm. I just need to be able to attain these high voltages in a hand held configuration to experiment at this point. The secondary coil is wound around a plastic tube. This will give you quite large spikes after each output pulse. The RC will only help if it is over voltage which kills your diodes.


I want to know, would a modified joule theif circuit be an adequit inturupter?

DIY Mini Tesla Coil – RMCybernetics

With that intention, I want a full understanding of the electrical mechanics in question. Guys I need to make an electronics shock circuit for elephants.

Am I right in thinking thats because they counteract each other. Since I have the input AC on a Powerstat, I can bring the volatge up slowly to see where the arc begins on the ignition coil out to the screw terminals. The secondary coil is pretty much set in its resonant frequency, but small adjustments can be made by altering the size of the topload torroid or sphere. The multiplier circuit wil run around 60 KV.

The simplest way to get DC is to connect a high voltage diode in series with the output.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil

We were in the Tesla coil ring but we got kicked after we updated the site and forgot to tell them! Let me help First of all there are way to many circuit schematics floating around the web that claim to be coil driversand most if not all are using a timer or a transister. A large magnet placed either side of the spark at 90 degrees to the flow of current will cause the arc to immediately deflect when it forms.

Already have an account? Ok guys thanks for the info. You could try using the Tesla Coil Tuner to match your circuits.


Is this a typo or are there actually two of these transistors [I can see only one in the schematic]? The tuning is done from the center of the primary by an equal number of turns each side of center marked 0.

An NST is wired a little differently to an equivalent lower voltage transformer. Also can I get an exact cct diagram to repair it?

Paralleling ignifion transistors in this way is not reliable. Many thanks and Happy New Year!

Make careful note of the experimental setup; the polarity of the high tension tower on the ignition coil should be positive, but try negative too, as a Rhumkorff would have had both.

When the voltage is sufficiently high 2n0355 air ionizes and becomes conductive.

POWERLABS Ignition coil drivers page!

While thats not a problem persay, I intend to use the basic principals to create a taser like device. The simplest way to modulate an arc would be to just use an arc from an ignition coil. They would be tough enough, but they are very fast.

I want to know that the simple coil prepared is hazardous for a person?