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The AcerNote uses port 35F for video control. For instructions on using the CMOS setup program, see your motherboard documentation. Have a look and see anyway: See below for the settings that should work. Contact your scanner vendor to determine if their scanner and software support ASPI. The following command line switches are supported:. Windows 95 will mark your CD Recordable device as “Unknown.

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If your ASPI-installation info doesn’t look like this, it doesn’t mean there is anything necessarily wrong with your system configuration. If this is successful, uncheck the “Simulate Only” checkbox and run copy again.

If the latest version is giving you headaches, definitely give these a try. Because of this, bit file access cannot be enabled through the Control Panel Virtual Memory dialog when using a temporary swap file. To enable the option, check the appropriate box in the Options group.

Follow the instructions to format your media. ASPI drivers version 4. We do not provide you with a method to api the speed when reading an audio CD.


If you are running Adaptec SCSIBench under Windows 95, and it does not work with 64K transfers, but works with any other transfer size, you’ll need to upgrade your miniport driver. At this point, both devices are part of the benchmark. Windows 95 and NT come with embedded drivers for most of Adaptecs host adapters.

Advanced SCSI Programming Interface – Wikipedia

Other Scanners Contact your scanner company for information on Windows 95 support. Both adaptex work again. If your device is of the latter type, Windows 95 should automatically assign a drive letter to your drive. Or you can try reverting back to the old, stable v 4.

Please refer to your host adapter documentation on how to do this. Windows 95 will automatically detect that the media is unformatted and ask you if you would like to format the media. Windows 95 includes devkce support for Aaptec hard drives. By default, we determine the speed of your CD player, and then set the CD Recorder speed to be slower than this. If you disabled disconnection, please turn disconnect back on before trying this software. Then run our CD Copier and simply click the “Copy” button.


INI file under the [Enh] section:. INI file under the [Enh] section: Select the “Device Manager” option. But try beginning with all 4 files first.

Adaptec – Windows ASPI Package

This is used for compatibility with previous AHA installations in which SCSI devices were scanned in an ascending order to prevent drive-letter reversal. The write process must be uninterrupted otherwise theblank CD will be ruined.

Update 02apr – I have gone back to v4. If you are a Windows 3. The default of 0 specifies no delays.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Steve Ryan writes to say:.

Force ASPI

It didn’t help me. The allowable values are shown in the following table: Additional information on running with Windows 3.

We recommend that you boot Windows 95 without a DOS removable media device driver e.