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A configurable partial cut, in the reverse direction, can be created at the end of an open profile. Further enhancements have been added to the simulation function, which now supports solid tool holders of any type — Solid, STL, extrusions and rotations — for collision detection. This page contains a general overview of the new features within Alphacam R2. When enabled, this Add-ins Dialog will only be displayed if the opened drawing file already contains some Notes. This button is also available in the Model application. Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including:

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New intuitive graphical user interface for Automatic Feature Extraction.

A new option has been added to the General tab called Auto Break-out cut Open paths only. The resulting geometry is automatically configured for Auto-Z sawing. It is now possible to select a profile from either the Drawing Area or a separate drawing file. It helps to make in formation more relevant — users can see at a glance which part is on a nested sheet. Alphacam R1 Enhanced Simulation and Automation. Alphacam Router is a fully-featured, easy-to-use CAM solution for manufacturers wanting fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code.

And the new look File menu now includes a Recent Files page listing Alphacam and CAD parts files, displaying a preview image and their properties.

Alphacam Designer

In addition, along with this comes much improved Undo support. New Waveform 3D Roughing Machining Strategy This new roughing strategy is a high speed machining technique that maintains a constant tool cutting load by ensuring the tool engagement into the material is consistent. Alphacam R2 Automation Manager Automation Manager includes enhancements to simplify the workflow, including Multi-drill control, new Styles functionality, and further support for additional CAD file formats. This displays a window with a grid containing details of the work planes in the active drawing, including the name and offset number.


A New Drawing Layer command button has been added to the ribbon bar in the Layer Mapping Setup tab enabling users to create layers manually, and add layer names without having to import them from a drawing. Nesting New True Shape nesting engine provides improved optimization and much improved speed.

Alphacam | CAD CAM software for Woodworking, Metal & Stone Cutting.

A new field has been added to the Threading dialog called Rapid Distance above Part. A new surface machining pattern has been added to the advanced 5-axis cycle.

The incorporation of the Moduleworks technology shows Alphacam’s commitment to the complex Advanced 5 axis market. A new function in Nesting now identifies parts by name, rather than number as in previous releases. This enables alpuacam to set the distance from the part to which the tool will retract between each cut.

Loaded profiles are placed onto a work plane automatically. A new checkbox called Associate for auto-update has been added to the Material dialog. New Kit function allows parts to be grouped together to aid their retrieval after nesting and part identification on the sheet. All modules, including Alphaedit, have the new ribbon GUI. This new module brings many improvements and includes support for the following When two or more components are present in the model space, the active selected component is now indicated in the Model Window by a red tick.


Alphacam is a leading CAM solution for turning, routing, milling, profiling and wire eroding, from 2-Axis through plu 5-Axis programming. This avoids exiting the material with a full width of cut, which could cause alphacaj to p,us timber components due to the grain and cut directions.

The work plane can be created dynamically with on-screen feedback. Designed to complement the existing Wrap onto Surface feature, without the need for surfaces. This button is also available in the Model application. Combined Pocketing and Finishing Pocket area clearance and finish contour machining can now be combined into a single machining operation. This means that small parts alpyacam be restricted to the area of maximum hold down e. Multi drill heads now have graphical support — as with the aggregates, they can be defined using geometry extrusions and rotations, STL and solid CAD models.

This overcomes the issue of small parts moving during the apphacam process, reducing material wastage and improving part quality. Tabbed style dialogs have been introduced, and alphacqm strategies have Extents visualisation of the area to be cut with dynamic cut directions and start positions.