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Formatting the floppy diskette will lose ALL data in it! Which one should I select? During POST at the beginning of system boot-up, press key, and then a window for boot devices selection appears. That is why it shows a warning message to remind you that is not a normal RAID 1 mirroring array. Please exchange the devices of master and slave on the IDE cable. Install latest drivers from ASRock website. For best system stability, please set it back to “Disable” after the SATA driver diskette creating process.

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Key in “drvcfg”, and you will see the information like below: After set up Raid size, please click sara to Create] Step It will not affect the system at all.

Windows reports system memory about 3. How do I solve it? Press “Ctrl-X” to exit. Problem related to PCI-E devices. Please download and update Marvell driver and Utility by following link. Points of Attention — Before you process arid Hot-Unplug: You could refer to the following steps for try.


Choose “Accelerate”, and click “Enable acceleration” Step 9.

ASRock V88 SATA RAID driver download free

It will activate the Cool’n’Quiet function properly. Please refer to following steps to check your system. The system drive needs to be GPT format. After you delete it, please go to “Array Detail” of the left Array.

The device which is connected to the black connector should be set faid master, and the other should be set as slave gray connector.

After reading the floppy disk, the driver will be presented. Actually you will see these kinds of warning messages refer to the following picture twice during Windows XP installation.

ASROCK 775V88 User Manual: Making An Sata Driver Diskette

Please replace raaid IDE cable by a new one. Key in “dh [Drv number]”, for example: Please insert a floppy diskette into the floppy drive, and press.

Please try removing all USB devices. Is there any point for attention?

Asrock 775V88 PT880 Sata Raid DDR400 ATX

Please follow the steps as below to update Marvell driver and Utility. Install latest drivers from ASRock website.


Intel 7-Series Express Chipset-based motherboard. This new released driver can solve this problem. Install Windows 10 64bit OS.

rair Press “Enter” to get into the “Array Detail” Step 3: The Keyboard and mouse could not be recognized. After driver download is completed, please install the new IDE driver for your system.

Flash BIOS to latest version. Connect all HDDs then do below settings: Please re-install PCI-E devices or try installing them in other slots. Key in “drvcfg”, and you will see the information like below: