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This is clearly not a device for writing. I know both of these office suites from other platforms and they work very well, so this was another case of growing pains in getting a new platform to work. For the price, we expected nothing more really, though in use it wasn’t as bad as we’d imagined. As you see in the video, the application panel jiggers across the screen, scrolling is quite delayed and launching applications takes a noticeable few seconds. A tablet, for sure, and a nicely sized one at that.

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However, gentokch78 of this writing in late August augejdespite numerous announcement of imminent iPad competitors, there really aren’t any. Android as an emerging potential tablet OS While anyone viewing the GenTouch as an inexpensive iPad will be disappointed, this tablet is a very important technology demonstration as it previews where Android may fit in in future tablet devices.

AndAppStore is a third party app store and you need an AndAppStore account that you can get at andappstore. Classic puzzler ‘Lemmings’ returns as a free-to-play mobile game.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

Much has been made of the slow boot time of the GenTouch, but that’s misleading. Finally, you can drag the home screen left and right to get to two additional home screens, or extensions to the home screen.

If you were hoping to find a beautiful iPad substitute for a fraction of the cost, keep on looking. By those standards, the GenTouch is fast, competent, and offers an infinitely better browsing, communication and multimedia experience on a bigger, better display for auyen less money than any of the old PDAs ever did.

Android also has gentoufh78 number of icons that shows the time, signal strength, battery status and a whole slew of different notification icons in a bar on top of the screen. Anyone who views it as a less expensive iPad alternative needs to insantly forget about that notion.


Below you can see the tablet’s desktop after I replaced the somewhat resource-intensive galaxy wallpaper with a static picture: Opening it up is simple: However, Gmail and YouTube are both pre-installed on the device, and we have had no issues with either one.

We’ve actually defaulted to using the stylus, but a fingernail certainly gets the job done as well. So Android operation is via stylus or touch if you are auge to put up with itand four small hardware buttons in the back of the unit that correspond to the four primary buttons present on almost every Android device: A tablet, for sure, and a nicely sized one at that.

So, yes, the Gentouch does come preloaded with the Google Market, but just as we experienced with the smartbook, applications won’t install.

For the most part, all I got was loud scratchy noises. We can’t imagine Google is all that happy that this company is shipping tablets with the Market preloaded.

Hard Reset AUGEN Gentouch 78

In practice, it doesn’t last nearly as long as the iPad on a charge, but that’s likely a configuration issue. The large blue battery is gntouch78 to the back of the LCD.

Android initially was a Silicon Valley startup, formed by the man behind the Danger Hiptop, that was bought by Google in and is now administered the Open Handset Alliance, a group of almost 70 companies developing open standards for handhelds. Android is based on a Linux kernel which is well suited for mobile systems due to its modest hardware requirements. We don’t need to tell you that we ferociously ripped open the box to finally see how the Android 2.

Unfortunately, Augen and Google are having a bit of a rocky relationship, and so GenTouch78 buyers may or may not have Google apps on their device.


The browser also offers a very convenient “Favorites” screen so you can quickly go to them without having to type in the URL: In some instances, there are also context menus that come up by touching and holding an item, like on the iPad. I also had to figure out that Android has both a home screen with icons on it and a launcher that grntouch78 like a drawer and contains all the rest of your app icons.

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I know both of these office suites from other platforms and they work very well, so this was another case of growing pains in getting a new platform to work. Yes, a small staff will be very hard pressed to truly make a new OS work on it, and provide the help and support a product like this will require. You get some very good stuff like the excellent 7-inch display, good performance, big battery, powerful software, etc.

While Android doesn’t currently use multiple windows or some other visible way to handle multi-tasking, apps do continue running and you can return to them even after using another. Well, the GenTouch has both, but it still isn’t easy to copy things to and from.

Obviously, you have to press pretty hard on the 7-inch display to make selections, but there’s also a stylus that pops out on the top of the tablet. As we’ve said before, 7-inch tablets are an ideal size for holding in one hand.

Ahgen means that this is not some low-res display.