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Some may question the benefit of assembling presentations in the camera, rather than using a computer and simply uploading the results back to the camera for display. An argument could be made in favor of their use for web presentation, as we discussed above for the in-camera cropped images. The QVSX’s optical viewfinder is a fixed-view design, but includes framing marks for both normal and macro shooting. Refer to that page for a more in-depth analysis of the test results. When the camera is operated in “manual” mode, you can preset the focal distance to 28 different values, ranging from 10cm 4 inches to infinity.

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The comments here are a summary of our more detailed analysis on the “Pictures” page for the QVSX: Other options on the record menu include White Balance auto, incandescent, fluorescent, daylight ; Aperture auto, F2. There are also markings defining a central region in which the autofocus is active, which happen to fairly accurately define the field of view when running wv “4x” digital zoom mode as well.

Tough to tell, given the differences in sv subject matter, but looking at the detail of fine branches against the sky, far-field performance of the lens looks very slightly weaker than close-field.

Happily, the camera appears to stay powered-up continuously when it is connected to the AC wall adapter: The sleep setting determines how long the camera will stay ready to take a picture, with its LCD illuminated. Pressing the shutter button while viewing a panorama frame shrinks the image to occupy only the central portion of the LCD screen, and presents a sub-menu for controlling “playback” of the panorama.

All the normal record-mode menu functions remain available in movie mode, allowing access to manual white-balance settings, manual focus, etc. The QVSX’s optical viewfinder is a fixed-view design, but includes framing marks for both normal and macro shooting. Shadow detail is surprisingly good camefa. Flash The built-in automatic flash has a specified working range of 2.


As you might expect, the in-camera image-assembly is only of sufficient quality for display cawio the small LCD screen: The QV-Link software is quite straightforward in its operation, and versions for both Mac and PC platforms ship with the camera.

Extended viewing of images cameda drastically shorten your battery life. The flash also worked well all the way down to the minimum focusing distance, even though Casio rates it as having a minimum usable distance of 2. In the most common mode of operation for QV-Link, you would probably begin by opening the camera’s memory as an index of thumbnail images.

Casio QV-5000SX

Overall, video-out is a handy feature, and one that we’d rather have than do without. We’ve heard from owners of earlier Digiital models that the lower operating voltage of most rechargeable batteries can cause the camera to fatally “hang” as the batteries approach the end of their usable charge.

Refer to that page for a more in-depth analysis of the test results. Used in conjunction with the special panorama mode of the QVSX, it is particularly easy to assemble panoramic images.

Casio QVSX – digital camera Overview – CNET

A few units provide one or two fixed focus points as a manual override, but few offer the range of manual acsio adjustment that the QVSX does. Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. Overall though, given the exceptional light sensitivity the QV shares with its predecessors, you’re probably better off just shooting with available light.

We were especially pleased to see Casio increase the number of focus steps with the QV While not providing quite the range of in-camera capabilities as the QV or ‘, the QVSX does include several special-effect fasio, and the ability to overlay a previously-captured “title” image onto other shots, varying title background shape, color, and position.


Overall, we found the Camrra “digital zoom” to be useful in the 2x mode, in which it is simply chopping 5000wx the central portion of the image. The efficient memory usage, combined with the large 8 MB on-board memory capacity of the ‘ means you can store quite a few movies without overly encroaching on your storage capacity for normal still images.

These times were measured on a laptop with a MHz Pentium processor: Raise your phone camera game with these useful accessories.

Normally, this requires either a special tripod head, or a lot of guesswork. The QV does reasonably well with it, but shows odd albeit tiny pixel-level artifacts along contrast boundaries.

QVSX – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

As mentioned earlier, the panorama shooting mode helps you lineup successive shots, making the final stitching process easier, and the seams between images less evident. This appears to be completely rectified in the QV, as evidenced by camea very natural coloring in our indoor portrait shot taken with the flash enabled.

In common with many other late-model digital cameras, the QVSX takes a little while to “boot up” when you first toggle the power, but at 6 seconds, the delay before you can take the first picture is far from the longest xamera measured. While on the subject of presentations using the camera as the “host,” we need to make an important note: