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Older packages will, however. Yaobing Administrator Citizen of the Universe Posts: NIS remains a top-rated security solution , and although there are permanently free alternatives, why not get commercial-grade stuff if you can? Skip backwards 5 seconds giving yourself a second buffer and it should clear up. Thus you will not get anything video in MC. Building OSS is beyond the scope of this article since it can be a very different process on any given Linux distro.

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None It looks like it sees channels, Image15 is Tuner data for tuner 1.

I would think if it was a hardware change at Frontier it would no longer think it has a signal, right? It can literally cost you a couple hundred bucks per year. Some cable companies used switched digital video. I will try to support it as I can, acapter please understand that this comes with no warranty, either explicit or implied.

Ceton and windows 10

Unfortunately MSFT nice enough not adaoter include it in 10, but that is another giant ball of wax. I would pick one that might be in the clear to ensure you don’t have encryption issues say, channel 3, or 5, or 8 in the United States. Weather Channel ch comcast Philly tunner Discovery Channel mplayer doesn’t open using. Did you not close out a previous mplayer test? If you’re running Mythbuntu, this should already be installed.


That sounds like you haven’t installed the driver. The actual channels did not change as in the channels are all the samejust the listing I choose from when setting up. See below if you’re using MythTV 0.

I did some more testing on my computer and found that Copy protection value of “None” seems to suggest that you do not have subscription to that channel, i. Ronald Frazier has graciously spend the time to create a patch for 0.

I forget what menu it’s in, but it’s reasonably straightforward. Go to ‘one’, then the ‘tuner’ tab. Reading through that page, does anything look amiss like it couldn’t get a lock on the channel? NIS remains a top-rated security solutionand although there are permanently free alternatives, why not get commercial-grade stuff if you ttuner


Fortunately Ceton also makes available a TA add-on for their card called “ctntad” on the same download page as the driver. Drivers for the device can be found on the manufacturers webpage here. BartMAn01, Thanks for the info. This seems due to a poor motherboard to case angle issue that causes the card to “pop” out of the PCIe slot when screwed into the case. This page was last modified on 28 Decemberat Has anyone got Ceton working in Win Feel guner to download and use this script if you’d like.


Usually, if MC can not play it, it’s not in your lineup. Did you get one, or is it required?

Ceton InfiniTV 6 Ethernet Tuner ETH Cable Network for CableCARD

Try a few other channels on the web interface as well, and repeat the experiment. Your video source, in the United States, is probably “us-cable”.

But as with anything Windows- and CableCard-related, your mileage may vary. You’ll need to know your cable provider for this.

Ceton should have instructions for that. Others, such as Time Warner, mark most channels Copy Once. Is the signal-to-noise ratio weak? If you look down the page, about half way you will see a heading labeled Card Applications. I had bad luck trying to forge ahead without pulling channels at this point, and if you’re a novice at this, it will make things more confusing.