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An xbox and a 12″ iBook Incoming in 32 bit mode, no sign of dithering, but broken lens flares still ruin the show. Want to enjoy fewer advertisements and more features? Then Cirrus Logic embraced graphics and communications products. Lack of own fabrication seemed to stand in a way of further expansion and Cirrus. Laguna3D turned into problem child, which was sold mostly for discount prices.

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After three years of struggle Patil contacted Hackworth, back then in Signetics. Creative once logci bought rights for early release, and more interestingly, they announced their Laguna3D will be compatible with CGL. Laguna3D PCI merely once calculates interpolated color between pixels and uses that, effectively doubling their amount.

Reply – Quote – Report Abuse. Since most of other accelerators I am comparing don’t have such problems I used the highest quality setting for my tests to get a more leveled conditions. Both 2 and 4 MB variants are common.

There are 0 registered and anonymous users currently lxguna. It survives on the fly switch to MHz, but 3d games then quickly freezed PC. Apr 10, Posts: For more screenshots see the Laguna3D gallery. Best Regards Bo Eriksson.


Hackworth stood behind his fab investments because Cirrus in its peak had to redesign multiple times for several manufacturers to meet customers demand.

Then Cirrus Logic embraced graphics and communications products.

It appears I already have the latest driver. Experience First big complaint about image quality is broken texture perspective correction.

Cirrus Logic Laguna3D review

Feb 23, Posts: It takes care of common rendering functions such as Gouraud shading, perspective correction ahemZ-buffering, texture map filtering well Then there is a pile of old Creative soundcards from Live! An xbox and a 12″ iBook Then there are games partially giving up on texturing, likely because of failure in lightmap phase, those are using or originating from Quake engine, like Half Life and Thief.

Reflection mapping in Monster Truck Lzguna 2 brakes car texturing. Cirrus abandons PC graphics There was little excitement around Laguna upon release and there is little excitement now when looking back. Fabrication partnerships with both IBM and Loyic were ended.

No other 3d graphics provider got such an endorsement from mighty Wintel. Even if execution units are designed to process multiple operations in single pass, their inputs cannot be fed fast enough. Thu Oct 02, 2: Anyway, focus then moved onto storage, audio chips and data acquisition technology used for communication and industrial applications.


In April Cirrus has licensed the 3D portion of 3DO’s M2 technology, a bit graphics acceleration built for new console.

The Cirrus Logic laguna was one of the infamous decelerators. Thu Oct 02, 1: Rambus memory controller with one byte width should support up to MHz data rate, but boards I’ve seen are only MHz or even a bit less.

Up to cirrus MB of local memory are supported and Techworks planned to release 6 and 8 MB cards, but I don’t think that ever happened. I would say Cirrus did a fine job on thebut something extra was missing to become gamers choice.

Private Message – Add to Buddy List. By Cirrus became major player in graphics as well as other areas of incoming digital future. Our processors would appreciate more something like triangle setup, but at least there is something unique inside Laguna3D.