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The job isn’t arduous, but it does mean removing screws and exposing circuits that can carry high voltages, as does any electrical repair work. A problem with the CLJ is that the transfer belt and fuser are not very easy to change and do mean some screwdriver work -although the Service manual detailing the procedure is quite readily available. These technical pages do not constitute an offer for sale; just our knowledge at the time of writing. First Page Out in 20 seconds thanks to Instant-On technology. HP provide a clear outline of how to change the cartridges in the user manual and online. Non – HP cartridges refills or compatibles may lack chips to do this and may not be able to give the SureSupply information.

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At least 50mm or 2 inch clearance is required all round. I am A certified Copier Technician. Message 2 of Message 7 of These printer will generally be out of warranty so it is for the user to decide. A4 etc, single sheet input slot and one built in tray with the option for another The single-sheet slot is unusual on HP printers it is sometimes called a bypass slot and takes the place of tray 1.

toner starvation in color prints clj – HP Support Community –

Use Google to search for Q or buy a manual from one of the websites specialising in such things. An Electrostatic Transfer Belt ETB is used as part of the imaging process, acting as both a transporter for the paper and an electrically active surface for the toner to cling too as it passes over the transfer rollers.


Message 3 of The fuser in a laser printer adheres the toner powder to the page using a combination of heat and pressure. For commercial recycling they cjl quantities of ten or more in good condition, hence its a good idea to put the used ones back in the box – your chosen charity will get a better price. Colour cartridges cclj toner for 2, pages and if you regularly exceed that the much bigger cartridges on something like the LJ or LJ would be much better value.

These printers were made between and predecessor models CLJ and were What I would clh is print your test page and open the cover when the leading edge of the paper is just past the magenta drum, then inspect the drum to see how much toner is on it. The drop-down multipurpose tray which is normally tray-1 on an HP laser printer is not present, just a single sheet bypass slot feeding paper straight into the registration rollers.

At the moment July parts are available in UK distribution. If HP cartridges are used then HP SureSupply alerts are given when cartridge is low, and this can be extended to online cartridge ordering.

Colour print first becam commonplace with inkjet printers in the early s, matching the growing interest in digital photography. The ETB can be dismantled and cleaned up – the Density and registration sensor can get contaminated with toner powder if there is a rogue cartridge in use.

With an ETB the toner is not transfered to the belt, the belt carries 205 paper past the drums and the toner is transfered directly to the paper.


Service parts to keep these printers going are currently available. Photographic material might count as “magazine” quality – not perfect but acceptable for most xlj. If you use refilled cartridges then they are probably easier to obtain and cheaper for these older printers and presumably you aren’t cl concerned about photo quality. It is so nice to give some help where possible and the forum is a great idea Thank You.

Printed image quality and reliability are likely to be lower as well.

HP CLJ 2605 Formatter Board – Network

Which is best is an unanswerable question. Message 6 of The earlier printer only had 16MB of memory which wasn’t always sufficient for rasterising a complex page.

The model is no longer in production but is still widely used. A typical problem is that the SureSupply information doesn’t work, or isn’t complete.

Doctor Blade HP CLJ [Hewlett Packard (HP) Color LaserJet ] Quantity in package: 10 szt

The CLJ has a fairly high print speeds for this generation of machines thanks to the inline print-engine arrangement. The user guide is part number Q— Hello i need a little bit of help in identyfing a problem with my printer.

However the seems to have reached the limits for this design; successors like the CP and CP use a completely redesigned engine. Message 5 of They also made them deliberately difficult to refill.