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I did overact somewhat. See the sub-links in that post, as it’s unclear from one post to the next whether he considers it a good option. I posted about this on FanRes and originaltrilogy. Download eyetv 3 Version 3. Elgato Video Capture, which I tried at one point but ultimately sold, gave me the same effect.

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About 6 years ago I started trying out EyeTV myself.

This is as simple as finding the program in the EPG, clicking on Record and then accepting the recording eetv. I hadn’t bothered to reread that thread before posting here because that wasn’t what I was trying to ask about here. You should complete each step of the eyetv 4 windows setup assistant. Geniatech will take over the complete EyeTV product line and continue to develop and expand both hardware and software offerings. Welcome to eyetv 4 windows 2. What are the chances a video stabilizer may correct what I’m getting here??

In eyetg future, Geniatech customers will be able to benefit from the emteria.

One of them was this one. To be honest I’m not very familiar with TBC but at the same time there’s a liunx with this that I’m only now being introduced to.

Scan lines shift left and right, and vary in length, because the VHS head deck can’t maintain a constant speed. Your screenshot has the same characteristic bends as that device produces with “good” tapes: Sorry in advance if this is long.


However it was kinda easy for eyettv to have forgotten I had linked that because it was not necessarily linked with my actual problem.

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All times are GMT I don’t wanna just grab one and assume the pass through is good especially if the seller does not specify so. For the most part he was just as puzzled as I am. Recently, when starting bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac. Note that the device looks much like the EyeTV tuner featured in my first image. Don’t those capture devices have proc amp controls that allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and colors?

Keep your activation keys in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the Total TV Player software. With this transaction Elgato completes its transformation from a PCTV solutions provider to a specialist for app-enabled lifestyle accessories.

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged. It’s just this all uncharted territory compared to what I’m use to working with so it’s linhx new to me. What you describe as “very fuzzy and grainy” below the second image in your first post is neither fuzzy blurry nor grainy random static type noise.


Sorry if wyetv lack of knowledge on the matter annoys you. Keep your activation keys in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the eyetv 4 windows software.

When prompted, please select your country and let the eyetv 4 windows auto-tune for channels. And the one feature missing that would make it the best ever in Linux, and, hands down, the EyeTV alternative for OS X converts to Ubuntu, would be pause, rewind and forward to live TV. An external roof antenna may be necessary.

Just the same I’m trying to get the results evident in the first screen grab in my initial post. For privacy reasons I removed our names. Another user on another site mentioned having hybrix and said he’s been pretty lucky with it.

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But I think I’ve gotten all I am gonna get here. Latest Software for your Windows. And get a better signal?