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The image is also free of the artifacts which are unfortunately present on the LP and this unit costs less than the LP Visibility Of “The Rainbow” Vs. If it does, it will be a very significant issue. Components by Joshua Goldman Nov 26, One annoying feature is that, according to the manual, once a bulb has been used for hours, it stops working regardless of its physical condition. The usual deinterlacing and motion artifacts were much reduced over what I’d seen on other units. My DVD player is old and so doesn’t have this problem.

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I didn’t spend enough time with the projector to judge definitively if it has the “over bright whites” onfocus of the NEC and Plus units.

It’s unfortunate that those swarming little dots marred the picture. See details for full description.

Also, recent DVD players cannot recognize the projector and claim it might be a copying device, so test out your DVD player with an older projector before buying this model.

The image suffers from “the crawlies” or “sparklies”. I am totally confident though, that my perceptions are accurate. The “crawlies” are not present on my setup. Bottom Line The LP is a viable option for people who plan on never using an HTPC or external scaler or simply refuse to use them because they are afraid or stubborn.


InFocus LP350 Projector

I could see the pixels from feet away and the image about 8 feet wide. The DL’s color wheel effects are greatly minimized.

The Mothership is now boarding. So if you have a white wall behind your screen, it is going to light up with this unit. The LP does have a bright picture with very good contrast and it looks better than any other digital projector I’ve seen yet through S-video. It doesn’t really matter if the blacks aren’t as black as CRT. HTPC produced fewer artifacts and led to a generally cleaner looking picture, but the difference wasn’t colossal and the crawlies were still there.

Projector The Projector works great,very easy,good picture.

Infocus LP Projector Lamp with

Larry Davis is offline. However, better models and setups are available. I can see how some people have dismissed DLP becuase of color wheel effects. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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The thread with it’s replies has been deleted from the server and David Bott says he can’t repost from my saved. The light halo extends like a square of light, around the periphery of the image. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


I am not my projector I had no problem getting the LP to display an anamorphic source at the full panel height, either through S-video or the RGB input. I haven’t seen this effect in a long time and my initial reaction was to say to the gentleman providing the demo “Do you see those crawling dots up there?

Surprisingly, I didn’t find the extra brightness supposedly lumens too intense, as I recall the LT appearing. Contrast Contrast appeared excellent.

Infocus LP350 Projector Lamp with Module

I did notice, that Leeloo’s white bandages did not look washed out and “bleached”, like it did on the LT Other Units The LP has noticeable color wheel artifacts. Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 10, Last-minute Christmas deal fest: I didn’t spend a great deal of time on this, we didn’t have the time.

Culture by Nicolas Towner Nov 16, New projectors are very expensive, but a used projector just a few years old has many of the same features and is much cheaper.