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The above sets scsi-options for target 1 to 0x Here is an example of the Boot Adapter List Menu:. Support Interrupt Specifies Interrupt 40 usually required can be disallowed. It also provides access to an adapter’s device settings. Indicates whether to allow the use of queue tags for a device. This message remains on your screen for about five seconds, giving you time to start the utility.

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FreeBSD Manual Pages

This item specifies queue tag control to higher level device drivers. If a conflict exists between the value of scsi-options and a capability, the value set in scsi-options prevails.

For example, if a 1. This Document Entire Library. This area provides the current Main Area’s Menu, if any.

To wait for any key after displaying a message, specify Yes. Changing this item will affect drive letter assignment s if more than one device is attached to an adapter.

Ubuntu Manpage: mpt — LSI Fusion-MPT SCSI/Fibre Channel driver

Use arrow keys up, down, left, right to position the cursor and select an item. The horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear here. The mpt driver supports the following parallel SCSI options: The driver mpy unable to attach; usually preceded by another warning that indicates why attach failed. Staggered spinups will balance the total electrical current load on the system during boot.



The Adapter Properties option allows you to view and modify adapter settings. Press Enter to execute an item’s associated function. Powered by Trac 1. The monochrome setting enhances readability on scssi monochrome monitor. This option sets the default value for synchronous and wide negotiations with specified devices.

The above sets scsi-options for target 1 to 0x Driver did not attach to device; SCSI devices are inaccessible.

The default value for qfull-retries is 10, while the default value for qfull-retry-interval is The following capabilities can be queried and modified by the target driver: I haven’t use it much, so here is a quick example of what it can do:. Support Interrupt Specifies Interrupt 40 usually required can be disallowed. Check the PCI device. Here is an example of the Main Menu.

An scsii value is mapped as follows: This item can be used to ignore a device and to decrease boot time by disabling the inquiry to unused SCSI identifiers. Specifies the maximum sccsi data transfer rate in mega transfers per second.


Use this function key to obtain context-sensitive help for the cursor-resident area. Some mostly newer devices run faster with disconnect enabled, while some mostly older devices run faster with disconnect disabled. Management and reporting tools 3.

The Device Properties option allows you to view and update individual device settings for an adapter. User confirmation is solicited as required.

The Boot Alert setting can be either No or Yes. Here is an example of the Adapter Properties Menu:. An adapter’s configuration is stored in its associated NVM. A second data phase hang was detected for this target.