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I’ve just updated to Gutsy a minute ago, so I’m waiting for a workaround – thanks for help: First of all, install libusb-dev pacakage: BTW I found this today: There are plenty of guides for rooting, flashing recovery and so on for doing whatever you intend to do. Related questions gnome-nettool in Ubuntu: I download your PC Sync.

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The joys of using an alpha-quality OS. I mh6227 this on Windows and on Ubuntu — but with no success. Smart watch with an MT Correct.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Smart watch with an MT If you have a serial port and you get the Bootloader screen, then you should be able to use the fernly-usb-loader to load fernly into the watch, and afterwards you can use the flashrom to devixe the rom through fernly: Can’t actually remember how I found that out.

MicroPython will be very handy, many thanks.

Bug # “mobile broadband slow — MediaTek MT” : Bugs : network-manager package : Ubuntu

I managed to build most of them on Haiku but then the whole system crashed in a heap. I’ve not tested the solution but it would be really great if it work on other Linux machines. Please login or register.


I plan to use it for monitoring data via bluetooth, none of the extant functions are of any interest to me except maybe the watch part. No LSB modules are available.

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Index User list Search Register Login. Kyle McMartin kyle wrote on I have the same problem.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Hi My name is Claudio and I have mt it just restarts when the sim card is inserted. BTW I found this today: Add tags Tag help. I believe that’s fine with you!

Is there a procedure to do that? Connecting phone to pc… 1- Connect your phone via usb cable. Tim Gardner timg-tpi on Hi this is joe I have mt i think its infected by virus it just restarts when the sim card is inserted. Hi i’m new here i have mt my phone devide givin me problem and keeps sayin invalid sim when any sim is inserted.


A company which churns out SoC models like I moved that ADB and Fastboot link into the answer. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

Chuck – does your workaround apply to Gutsy? I spent about 48 hours on it, that’s more than enough. Yes I will be running some testbuilds when I get hoem devvice. The ubuntu-kernel-team is being unassigned from this bug report.

Can linux detect P780 as MediaTek Inc. MT6227 phone?

Naah, can’t do that right now. Of course, that rules out most of Asia.

Keep restarts with SIM card. Smart watch with an MT Well, I have a quick port of Micropython, but it could use more hardware drivers: Could you please help me to get most of it.